“Nightmare Market” 

Nightmare Walkers &

 Dream Stalkers


“Through the Woods”

Guardbridge Books

“Falling Apart at the Seams” 

Defenestration Ezine


“The Red” 

Upper Rubber Boot Books


“Fledgling”  Mirror Dance

Spring 2019


“A Better Man”

Haiku of the Dead



Havok Magazine


“Dance Macabre” 

Andromeda Spaceways #62


“The Nothing”

Golden Fleece Press



“Song of the Seven” 

Literary Nest



Underneath the Juniper Tree


“Missing: One Ogre”

Bloomsbury UK

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“The  Giant’s Epitaph”

Spellbound Magazine

“For Company”

Poet’s Haven Digest

“Welcome, Guests”

Underneath the Juniper Tree




We, Seven”


“The Ghost’s Defesnse”

Poet’s Haven Anthology



Cosmic Roots  - TBA

“Misthag Market”

Underneath the Juniper Tree


“RSVP, Mars”

Alphanumeric Podcast

Rogue Blades Anthology

Princess Bride Omnibus


“Bookaneer Life” 

Geist - Shanty Contest


Rereading the Poem at Dawn

Light   Journal