About the author, C L Clickard



Born in: Taylor, Michigan -- the youngest child except for the dog – who got spoiled instead of me. (Just kidding, Mom)


Birthday: October 10    which makes me a Libra or a Metal Ox depending on which side of the big ocean you live on.  And I don’t believe in that stuff anyway, now that Pluto’s been kicked out of the planet club.


School years activities: Competitive baton twirling, drum and bugle corps (rifle line), majorettes in marching band, ballet, French horn, drama club, forensic speech  competitions, honor society, girl scouts. And believe it or not I still had time to hang with friends.


College: Michigan State University, BA  in Advertising   It was either Advertising or Medieval studies… guess which one has jobs that actually pay you?


Work history:  Copywriter, Publicity and Promotions, Pre-press and Press Production, Operations Management and VP of Marketing. Yes, I climbed that corporate ladder till I fell off the top and worked for the hardest boss ever: myself.


Favorite children’s book(s)  Recent:  Diary of a Worm by Doreen Cronin,  A Porcupine named Fluffy by Helen Lester, the first two Harry Potter books, The Fire Within by Chris D’Lacey


Favorite children’s book(s)  Classics:  Finn Family Moomintroll, all of Dr. Seuss, The Hobbit, Half Magic, Mary Poppins,  A Diamond in the Window, One of a Kind Family


Favorite children’s illustrator(s): Lynn Munsinger, Mercer Mayer, Maurice Sendak, Arthur Rackham and Palmer Cox


Favorite books for grownups: Lamb, by Christopher Moore, EVERYTHING Terry Pratchett ever wrote,  Tea with a Black Dragon by R A McAvoy, the plays of Tom Stoppard, Dorothy Parker’s essays and the poetry of John Donne & Rainer Marie Rilke.  (And of course,  never forgetting Mr. Shakespeare & Mr Tolkien)


Favorite color: Green or red -- but not together.


Favorite food(s): Dark chocolate, ice cream, sushi, burritos… also not together.


Favorite pets: Dogs and parrots… and someday a Springhaas.  (Go on, look it up. You know you want to)


Favorite music:  Everything except disco and German oompah bands.


Favorite activities (other than writing stories): Reading, drawing, travel, solving puzzles and being curious


Things that scare me: Praying Mantises, Vinegaroons and the ankle-snatcher under my bed.


The weirdest fact about me: I don’t watch TV


Book Jacket Bio/Blurb

     Born in Michigan, Carrie Clickard has spent every free moment since with a book in her hand or one in her head waiting to be written.  A band, drum corps and drama geek throughout high school, she graduated from Michigan State University with a degree in advertising and bad roommates. Having worked as a copywriter, pressroom manager, marketing VP and colorguard instructor, she credits her dazzling career success to a firm belief that dragons exist and that competitive baton twirling should be an Olympic sport.  When she’s not safely tucked behind her computer monitor writing stories, Carrie tours the world in the company of family, friends and a travelling bear named Berenice.